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Welcome to The Zanger Law Firm!

We are located in White House, Tennessee and have been serving this community since 2003. Firmly rooted in this small Tennessee city, we have come to see all our clients as neighbors. We know that what may seem like a small legal problem to many law firms is a big problem to you. We take the time to work through your problem to the best resolution possible Sometimes, it simply means getting two people to agree. Either way, we can help.

The Zanger Law Firm has experience with Family Law and Child Custody, Juvenile issues, small business, contract issues, civil litigation and criminal defense. We are equipped to help you with all of your legal needs, and if we cant help you with your case, we can, and will recommend other attorneys who might better meet your legal needs.

We Serve Clients In Our Small Town Base in the Greater Nashville Area including:

  • Sumner
  • Robertson
  • Lafayette
  • Davidson
  • Wilson
  • Cheatham
  • Dickson
  • Montgomery
  • Macon

Criminal Defense

The Zanger Law Firm provides professional and personalized legal services to give you the best possible assistance for your criminal defense.

Family Law

Family disputes are difficult enough without the frustrations of the legal issues associated with them.Our experienced family law attorneys represent clients in all stages of the legal process.

Family Mediation

Probate and Estate Law

Do you need experienced representation for your estate matter? Trust our probate attorney representation at The Zanger Law Firm for the help you need today.

General Practice

The Zanger Law Firm in White House, TN assists clients in general practice matters, including basic civil litigation, business, divorce and family law matters.